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The Mafiscotek Group Difference

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Understand Your Needs. Craft a Plan. Work the Plan. Deliver Results to You.

When you engage with the Mafiscotek Group, you gain a partner that will be focused on finding the right candidates for your current opportunities.  In order to place the right professionals in your organization, we follow a strict process that maps the best plan possible for the client needs.  Because we define and agree on a structured course of action, we are able to quickly start working that plan leveraging our industry-leading recruiters, robust database and support team.

The Mafiscotek Group Planning Process

We Understand Your Needs:

Our first step, usually, involves a meeting with our clients to understand their hiring criteria, technical requirements and their culture.  Since we are local, our account service team is able to meet with you face-to-face to facilitate a productive meeting. During our discovery conversations, we will:

  1. Define the opportunity and overall requirements
  2. Outline job descriptions
  3. Set a project timeline
  4. Review current staffing trends and potential obstacles

Crafting the Plan:

Without a roadmap, we cannot be successful. Your team at the InSource group avoids potential obstacles by creating a meticulous plan that will help us deliver on your requirements. We also understand that we have to be flexible and adapt to unexpected changes during our engagement.  Our planning process is a true collaboration with our clients, allowing us to create a pathway to success. Our plan includes the following key points:

  1. Our client’s business goals
  2. Ideal candidate profile
  3. Detailed job description and remuneration structure
  4. Action items for our recruiters and account managers
  5. Communication process and schedule

Solving Your Staffing Problems

Working the Plan:

Once you give us the green light, we hit the ground running.  Our recruiters and account managers regularly meet to ensure that we are executing against  all action items defined in the plan.

Search. Filter. Refine.

Our team will first leverage all of our proprietary tools.  The InSource group has the most complete database of niche IT candidates in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex.  Since we place thousands of candidates in time-specific assignments, we also have a proven pool of talent available to meet your requirements. Not only do we know their availability, these are team members who have been working through us for years and have proven track records.

Our search does not concentrate just on those folks looking for a new job.  Our recruiting team reaches out to passive candidates who may be employed and will benefit from the opportunity.

Once we have identified a potential candidate, we conduct a telephone or in-person interview to gauge interest, validate experience, and asses if he or she may be a good cultural fit for your company. For the candidates that we feel will meet your needs, our team will meet again with them to review the opportunity, establish strong interest, discuss the contract length or permanent placement, and to identify any potential issues.  Once we are confident that the individual will meet or exceed your expectations, we will present you the best options to fill your vacancies.

 “Communication is key to our success”

Delivering Results

Your account team will take the opportunity to validate our search criteria as we present you the ideal candidates.  Our clients’ feedback during this process is pivotal, since we want to ensure that our search is optimized.

Once we find the right candidate, the InSource team can extend an offer to the candidate and arrange a start date.  Depending on the employment situation, your account team will ensure that the employee is prepared to succeed from the first day.

For contract opportunities, our relationship manager, as well as our Human Resources dept.  will start coordinating on-going activities with our clients’ Human Resources teams, the hiring manager and all other stakeholders in your organization that need to be kept in the loop.

We Don’t Stop

Most recruiters and staffing organizations will be happy to deliver a hirable candidate and step back.  Our commitment to our clients goes beyond a full-time placement or fulfilling a contract opportunity.  We maintain constant contact with you and our contractors to ensure a positive relationship.

The InSource Group has an amazing relationship management group who is responsible for all HR functions for our contractors, including compensation, scheduling, reporting and ensuring that our employees are having the best experience possible.

The InSource Group is committed to you, our clients.  By focusing on your needs, delivering a plan that can be quickly executed and having the flexibility to meet your demands, we deliver the best local candidates fast and efficiently in order to unburden you and your team of the recruiting process.